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Inmate Services

GED classes, counseling services, Individual Educational Program for juveniles, drug & alcohol classes, Veteran's Assistants Program and anger management are all offered, as well as the programs offered through Community Corrections. 


The GED program provides an opportunity for inmates to improve their academic skills, to prepare for the GED examination and earn a Maryland High School diploma.  Classes are scheduled throughout the year and are held in the Detention Center.

Religious Services

The Cecil County Detention Center shall provide the opportunity for religious counseling, worship and Bible study for voluntary inmate participation.  Questions can be directed to the Chaplain at 410-966-5706.


The Detention Center will accept cards and correspondence only.  As this list is subject to change, please contact the detention center with any questions.

Beginning April 1, 2015:

Due to security concerns, personal correspondence for inmates will be limited to commercially produced postcards which meet the Postal Service standards for postcard delivery.  All incoming mail must have inmate's address information and the sender's name and address or it will not be delivered.

Business correspondence must be clearly marked "BUSINESS MAIL" with only business correspondence enclosed.

Photographs will only be accepted in an envelope clearly marked "PHOTOS" or "PHOTOGRAPHS".  Nothing else can be included in the envelope.


Inmates are permitted to spend up to $75 a week on cosmetics, stationary, food and limited clothing.  Items are purchased from Keefe Commissary Network.  Funds may be deposited into the inmate's account via Access Secure Deposits during normal business hours (Monday-Friday) 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or during visiting hours, in the lobby kiosk.  Funds may also be deposited via the internet at or by phone at 866-345-1884.  In order to meet the commissary deadline for each week, it is recommended that funds be place on the inmates account by 8:30 am on Sunday.  Administration will not accept money orders, checks or any form of money.  For Commissary, all funds must go through the Access Secure Deposits kiosk, website or phone number.


Inmates are permitted to make telephone calls via the prepaid service provided IC Solutions Advanced Technology.  For information regarding this service please call 866-228-4031 or visit their website at .   Administration will not accept money orders, checks or any form of money. For telephone services funds must go through IC Solutions Advanced Technology's website or phone number.